FTN Actual Plays

Save the Witch! Kill the Templar!

Sven is from Druya and has a new niece; his sister, Kathrid, just gave birth to a baby girl. Sven has heard that Sir Robert Wilmington, the Knight Templar who got him ex-communicated for being witch-blooded, is escorting an Inquisitor with a band of Templars to the Village of Harken to investigate.

When the party arrives in Harken, they quickly learn from Sven’s sister that her husband, Egil, has been put in jail for striking one of Constable Thornbridge’s men when they came to question Kathrid about their daughter and her brother’s “witch blood”.

From here the players will formulate a plan to help Sven seek revenge on Sir Robert!


Part 1

During this first part of the adventure the party will gather information for the plan and/or execute parts of the plan to setup Sven’s revenge on Sir Robert!


Part 2

Some sort of ambush on Sir Robert’s contingent of Templars as a finale of the adventure.


Meat For The Grinder
It’s currently 2 days after the Witchlight Festival of Caulder. The adventurers of The Golden Shard Adventuring Company, having been instrumental in thwarting the plans of the Immortal Resurgence Terrorists to unleash an Elder Fey monstrosity in the middle of a masquerade ball have made quite a name for themselves in the local Broadsheets. Our 3 intrepid adventurers have been contacted by Airship Captain Alistair Pendrake of the airship Aurora Dancer (and a former paramour of Xandra Coal), to find 6 missing members of his crew that went missing the night of the Witchlight Festival. The missing crew includes his X.O. Mr. Temple, his chief engineer Mr. Johns, plus 4 of his stoutest crewman. The task of finding the men is one he would undertake himself under normal circumstances if he wasn’t currently overseeing the Fey Crystal retrofit of the ship’s main engine, which requires his constant supervision.

Captain Pendrake has been able to ascertain by interviewing other members of the crew that the men went into the Ashgate Ward in search of revelry on the night they disappeared. Ashgate Ward is home to the filthy criminal underbelly of Caulder and known for 3 things: Magma Shine stills, Pit-fighting, and Crime. The 3 members of the party must rush to retrace the steps of the missing crewmen and find them before the Praetorians do.

Part 1
First by interviewing and surviving the rough crowds of a notoriously dangerous undercity tavern known as Slaughterhouse 7. To discover that 2 of the men (Foy and Sinclair) fought and died in a gladiatorial death match vs. The Meat Ripper, a clockwork terror with ties to the Sootrakers Crime Syndicate. And the the remaining four, led by Mr. Temple sought revenge upon the Clockwork and tried to follow it to the Sootrakers hideout.


Part 2
The PC’s travel to Shuttertramp Alley, Sootraker Territory and are Immediately taken to meet with Mercurio “Sootraker” Flambeau. The PC’s must negotiate with Fire Amalgam Crimeboss Mercurio “Sootraker” Flambeau to learn the whereabouts of the remaining four men following their botched drunken attempt to seek revenge on the Clockwork.


Part 3
And finally raiding The Underflayer’s Guild Workshop which is an underground facility that is turning foreigner slaves sold to them into mindless undead servants for the City’s Armies using newly unearthed Coppershod Slave cowls. Facing Off with Underflayer Fulgrave and 2 minion groups of Coppershod Cadavers. (The 4 missing sailors are barely alive and trapped in gibbet cages hanging from a network of pipes and chains.)



Addional Info:
Underflayers Guild = a union of Necromancy specialized Blood Mages and Artificers that work under the city of Caulder mining the vast network of centuries old mausoleums (once the burial structures of the Elder Fey’s slave populations)

Coppershod Slave Cowls = devices unearthed by the government of Caulder. These cowls were favored by the Elder Fey God-Kings to bind slaves to their will. Each one having a Rune carved into it particular to the God-King they serve. These are all marked with the Rune of Malefazaar The Unyielding.

The Sootraker Crime Syndicate- a network of thieves, cutthroats, and smugglers, headquartered in the Ashgate Ward of Caulder. Founded by the Fire Amalgam Smuggler Ventrilio “Sootraker” Flambeau and now run by his son Mercurio, the Amalgam-centric crime family focuses it’s efforts on using it’s clockwork and human slaves as a disposable tool. The syndicate has it’s hands in Magma Shine running, Prostitution, Pit-fighting, and the illegal slave trade.


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