FTN Actual Plays

Save the Witch! Kill the Templar!

Sven is from Druya and has a new niece; his sister, Kathrid, just gave birth to a baby girl. Sven has heard that Sir Robert Wilmington, the Knight Templar who got him ex-communicated for being witch-blooded, is escorting an Inquisitor with a band of Templars to the Village of Harken to investigate.

When the party arrives in Harken, they quickly learn from Sven’s sister that her husband, Egil, has been put in jail for striking one of Constable Thornbridge’s men when they came to question Kathrid about their daughter and her brother’s “witch blood”.

From here the players will formulate a plan to help Sven seek revenge on Sir Robert!


Part 1

During this first part of the adventure the party will gather information for the plan and/or execute parts of the plan to setup Sven’s revenge on Sir Robert!


Part 2

Some sort of ambush on Sir Robert’s contingent of Templars as a finale of the adventure.



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