FTN Actual Plays

Rise of Grim Flesh

Introduction – The PCs find themselves in an unknown solar system with only a small green star and a huge asteroid field, no planets. But there may me energy sources and signs of life inside some of the largest rocks.

Part 2 – Meeting the natives. The PCs are attacked by skeletal kobolds and are assisted by living kobolds. They are then brought to Nisdaalla the chimera. A deal is made: retrieve the amulet-key from Grim Flesh the techno-lich and she will help to repair the Amethyst Dreamer and leave with them.

Part 3 – Battle with Xhox’ran, the techno-lich (aka Grim Flesh) ans his elite guards. They manage to defeat the Lich, find the amulet and return to Nisdaalla.

Conclusion – The ship’s Ecells are recharged, the Starcaster is refueled, partially and their new passenger, Nisdaalla in an elven form, joins them as they leave WSX-5396.


Azzmodeus bignastydragon

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