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Beyond Good and Evil 2 - Sumo Bebop!

Captain Janshu has it! The map that leads to Ponchi’s Haul. A stolen treasure of diwalite that will set the captain and the crew of the “Anonymous Host” for life. One small problem… it’s heavily encrypted and rigged to rez if tampered with.

Enter our heroes. Tasked by their captain to find and solicit the “help” of Ponchi’s old code breaker friend Tonka, a panda hybrid hacker. Having tracked the elusive hacker through his ex-wife, the crew has found out that he is now competing professionally as a Sumo Wrestler under the new name Tamawake.

The scene opens as the 3 pirates enter the Jade Gallery. The gambling den HQ of the shark hybrid gangster Konda, which tonight is hosting the Hybrid Grand Sumo Basho.Bonzai_Pan_Troglodytes_Verus-13993.jpgShades_Chamaeleo_Calyptratus-5511.jpgWinston_R_Unicornis-1149.jpgJade_Gallery_Front_Entrance.jpgJade_Gallery_Back_Entrance.pngJade_Gallery_Arena_Floor.jpgKonda_s_Thugs.jpgChum_The_Chef.jpgKonda.jpgRinco.jpgBranna.jpgTonka_AKA_Tamawake.jpg


Azzmodeus Azzmodeus

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